Jumpstart Your Health


​Sports Massage

1 session 50min 70$

The aim of our sport massage service is to help provide pain relief by working to find the root of the problem, instead of just massaging the areas that feel painful.  This will in turn help the client with their posture and can help prevent pain in every day life.  We will also provide targeted stretches and exercises, that you can do yourself to manage the pain.

Personal Trainer

​Personal Training

50min 70$

We also provide personal training.  Our personal training service is a two part approach.  

The first component is the body assessment.  We will determine the strength and mobility of your body.  This information will dictate how we train you.

The second component of our personal training is improving sport specific functional movements.  We use our knowledge of biomechanics and your body to help you move more efficiently and in doing so, increase your ability to perform at your given sport.

Man Running

​Group Session

​Price Negotiation

Batting Clinic

Pitching Clinic

​Fielding Clinic

​Team Fitness


Diamond Blacks Baseball NZ National team

Auckland Tuatara

White Sox Women's Softball National Team

​White Ferns  Womens Cricket National Team

North harbour Softball  U15 U17 U19

North Harbour Cricket U13

Auckland Ace 

Auckland Hearts

MAGS Cricket Academy

Mount Roskill Grammer School