Swingz Projects

Players Development

Assessment,1on1 Coaching,Group Coaching Workshop for coaches and players,Treatment,Rehabilitation,Nutrition

Next Goal

more coaches can teach kids.

Facility(Access Batting cage,Mound, Analysis labo)

Wings for KIwis to fly into the world


Filming Scout video.  Show case Youtube.

Contacting Coach. Connection with Colleges and Teams.


Life Skill. Goal setting. Professional mind set.

Swingz,Gear and apparel

Top gear with affordable price.

Used gear shine again.

Fixing Gear and Maintain.

Financial Support

Supporting cost

Coaching,Treatment,Recovery,Nutrition,International tournament,Flight,Hotel

Fund rising  event.  Donation. Auction.( ex singed uni)

Connecting with sponser.   Sponser infomation.

Kiwi sports Experience  agent

Oversea students,players

Connecting to team.

Medical and training support.

English school.Local school

Coaches,Trainers,Medical staff

Oversea work experience.