• Auckland Tuatara Director of medical and  Conditioning



  • Baseball World Cup qualifying Auckland, NZU15 Team Physiotherapist


  • Northshore Baseball U13 - Head coach

  • Baseball World Cup qualifying  in Sydney, AustraliaU18 Team Physiotherapist

  • Auckland Hearts  Throwing coach and Team Physiotherapist


  • White Ferns(Women’s Cricket national team)   Throwing coach

  • World Baseball Classic Qualifying tournament in Sydney AustraliaNZ                                                       Team Physiotherapist


  • Baseball New Zealand Trainer

  • Auckland Baseball Coach and Physiotherapist

  • World Baseball Classic Qualifying tournament in Chinese Taipei  - NZ Team Physiotherapist

Daisuke Hirose


Living and working in NZ since 2012.  Currently the Director of Body Conditioning Centre in Browns Bay.  I have worked with the Diamondbacks (Baseball NZ National Team) and the White Ferns (Cricket NZ Women’s National Team).  My passion is helping athletes reach their full potential. 

I come from  a physiotherapy background, which I studied in Japan.  I believe that every 'body' is unique, each with its own strengths and limitations. 

Because of this, I strive to work with each client individually to help them reach their goals.  My aim is to help each client improve their ability to perform at their given sport through improved body conditioning and biomechanics.