Throwing and Swing Mechanics Specialist

​At Swingz we use a combination of physiotherapy and personal training to extend athlete performance to the next level.  Our expertise in shoulder and elbow biomechanics assists with rehabilitation and injury prevention and

Specific sports performance training.

Shoulder & Elbow

Sports Massage

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​Professional Rugby Player

Tateo Kanai

Body Conditioning Centre は身体の機能を改善してくれます。筋肉だけではなく関節が如何に動くかの観点で治療、指導してくれているので、身体だけではなく頭もフル稼働。ラグビーでは、パフォーマンスの凹状に首、肩、股関節、足首などの動き全てが必要で、それをトータルで教えてもらっています。

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Professional Softball Player

 Tomoko Goda


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 Junior White Sox

Beth Reid

I've known Daisuke for a long time and he is helping me achieve my lifetime dream and goals to become a professional softball player and get a scholarship in the States or to play for Japan. I have improved on my fielding skills and have immensely improved my batting skills over the years of training with him. ”

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Sina Hunkin

I've seen many practitioners over the years and Taro is one of the best massage therapists I have been to. He has a fantastic understanding of what the body needs for maintenance and recovery and always does an amazing job!"

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Diamond Blacks​

Kyle Glogoski

As an elite level baseball player with  Philadelphia Phillies I have found Daisuke from Conditioning Centre to be extremely beneficial to me through my baseball career. He has helped improve  my strength immensely and guided me through my rehab stages to prevent those situations of ever happening again. I highly recommend seeing Daisuke if you are looking to take your skill to the next level.

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Baseball NZ 


Daniel Tan

Body Conditioning Centre has helped me through my shoulder rehab since my surgery a year ago.  My shoulder now feels stronger than before my injury!

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​White Ferns

Cricket Player

​Anna Peterson

Highly recommend the services of Daisuke as a shoulder specialist.​​He has helped me improve my throwing technique, accuracy and power which has resulted in my fielding becoming much better. I hope to continue training under Daisuke's guidance so that I can make gains in this area.

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MMA Fighter

EV Ting

Body conditioning centre is a specialists when it comes to injury rehab and prevention. Helped my shoulder's stability immensely in my most recent competition. Highly recommend all athletes.Thanks!

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NZ Black Sox 

  Donny Hale

As an elite level softball player, I have found Taro to be very knowledgeable and professional with the work that he does. I would highly recommend him!

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White Sox

Katrina Nukunuku

You are amazing at what you do. Thank you so much for the work you have done to free my throwing shoulder up and improving my range of motion so that I could perform well at my softball tournaments. I can't wait for the next session.





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